Saturday, 29 September 2007

First ever Storeyshop blog

Hello this is my first ever blog and it feels a bit weird and random..

I've headed down south from Haltwhistle to visit my parents in Brighton. I sewed sock monkeys on the train on the way down. Good way to use up travelling time. If you ever see a blonde girl sewing a little colourful monkey ear or something on a train then that might be me!

Had a sale literally the day I left home. Typical! The one day I don't check Etsy of a morning! Dave will have to get handy with the brown paper and ribbon and do the posting honours. Good news though. Storeyshop has it's first Australian customer.

Going to have to get fellow Storeyshopper Beca to add to this blog too. She's making bunnies next for the shop I think so keep an eye out. They're fab.