Friday, 19 September 2008


I love making cards for twins! I have made a few double personalised orders now with one card for each twin that match but aren't completely identical. I am looking forward to making more too. Here are the latest sets..

I am back designing the magazine for the next couple of weeks so Storeyshop will be a bit quieter in terms of new listings. I am still around though making a few card orders and packing up bags and monkeys. It is a nice break to get off the computer for an hour or so to hand-cut a card or wrap up a Storeyshop item and wander down to the post office.

'We Make Christmas' craft fair is coming up soon too in London. More details about that soon!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Great North Swim

I did it! The Great Swim was on saturday. I was swimmer 773 and my time was 55 minutes. Not super speedy but my target was just complete it and try and get it done in under an hour so I was happy. I have raised £215 so far for Marie Curie Cancer Care and there's still time to sponsor me online!

It was a great atmosphere on the day and well worth doing. I'm going to keep up the open water swimming and try and get a better time next year! In fact I think we might do some more Lake District swimming this weekend and swim across the only official 'lake'.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Congratulations Mum and Dad!

It was my parents' Ruby Wedding Anniversary on sunday! Congratulations to them and I hope they are having a lovely time celebrating in France!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Guess What?

Yep. More personalised cards! Here are my latest creations...

Hope you like them. Cards are available to order from Storeyshop

Ta ra

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hint of Green Fingers

Here is our biggest crop of tomatoes yet from our new greenhouse and its occupants! We have only had the odd one or two up until now but I'm pleased with these. There's also the biggest tomato I think I have ever seen growing in there so we may have a prize on our hands!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Birthday Harvey!

It is my little nephew Harvey's birthday today! He's a great big 4 years old! Here's his card in Thomas The Tank inspired colours..


Hello, I haven't been updating my blog much lately due to the dreaded tax return! I have been busy trying to organise my accounts and let's just say it took some time. I'm not the most organised when it comes to keeping receipts together and printing invoices and I'd never even done a spreadsheet before. I think I am finally sorted though. I have honed my Excel skills and have promised myself (and Dave!) that I will be organised from now on so the next tax form doesn't take days.

The Great Swim is fast approaching too. Thank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I have my start time and my ankle timer (I don't know that I would have signed up if I knew it was carefully timed!) is in the post. No backing out now. I have been for lots of swims lately. A few in the local pools and a couple in the Lake District. We went for a dip in Ullwater this morning and it was extra deep due to all the heavy rain (the jetties were under water) and absolutely freezing! The coldest yet -I could hardly put my face in. Hopefully it can only be warmer than that...

Still time to sponsor me! There's a link top right :)

Other than swimming and boring spreadsheets, I have been making more new sock monkeys and lots of cards. I have just posted two Grey Retro Monkeys to New York! I need to make more little bags this week too as my supplies are getting low. See the shop for new additions...

Oh yeah, the Chainbridge Honey Farm Fair the other weekend was good too. Note the Ibex in the banner on their website made by Dave and his dad! I sold a few monkeys, cards and bags which was great especially as it was pouring down most of the afternoon.

Here's a photo of my modest little stall in the craft tent..

Right back to my monkey ear sewing and dinner!

Ta ra