Saturday, 19 June 2010

Read All About It: Storeyshop In Telegraph Magazine

I'm very pleased to be part of a feature in the Telegraph magazine today focusing on British sellers on Etsy. There are some great illustrators and makers featured so I've found some new shops too. It's a really good article and it will hopefully raise Etsy's profile in the UK. I was contacted back in January about the possibility of being included in this so it's very exciting to actually have the magazine in front of me now!

It's a shame that the feature refers to my personalised cards as 'laser cut' when they're nearly all lovingly cut by my own fair hands and a scalpel, but nevermind. This is the most mainstream press Storeyshop has had so far and it's great. Welcome to my blog if you have found me through the magazine. The article is also on the Telegraph website.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Garden & Our New Tenants

Good news. Number 7A, round the back of our house, is newly inhabited by Blue tits! We've lived here for over 3 years now and have never seen any signs of bird activity in the box but a little family seem to have taken a shine to it this summer. Maybe because the family of Blackbirds, who normally take up residence in the tree opposite, have moved higher up in to the ivy on the garage. I'm no Chris Packham but I have loved sitting in the garden eating my lunch, for the last couple of days, and seeing a Blue tit popping in and out of his new pad. I think that officially makes us landlords. I hope they look after the place.

I am loving the sunny weather and the flowers appearing in the garden. Credit must all be given to the green-fingered lady who lived here before us, Philys. She did a grand job. We have tried to keep it tidy and not let it all go to pot but neither of us really have a clue what we are doing with plants. I think quite a lot of my prized flowers are actually weeds (go on, you can break it to me!) but we enjoy it anyway. I do want to plant some new plants in some of the gaps and have a better tidy up and weed clear-out but it's hard to find the time when we both run our own businesses. I am in awe of people who run businesses, have children to look after, cook lovely dinners from scratch every night AND do gardening! One day. We missed the tomato and veggies planting this year but some nice pink flowers (weeds) have popped up in the mini greenhouse so it's not all wasted. Here's a little snapshot of those and the rest of our (very) little patch of Northumberland...

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Weekend Roadtrip & Glamping

Hoorah. I'm back and am finally back up to date with all my card orders. Sorry if any of you have had to wait a little bit longer than usual, but your cards are all on their way to you now. The reason for the slight backlog was some freelance design work last week and also our wedding roadtrip at the weekend. This was the first wedding we'd been to since ours and, as it was quite a way away, we decided to do some extra roadtrippin' and see some folks. We ended up doing Scotland, Yorkshire, Leamington Spa and Sussex in four and a half days but it was so nice to get away properly and catch up with friends and family. The weather was lovely and sunny too. Perfect for our budget accommodation choice... glamping!

Both wearing the shoes we wore on our big day! The photo below shows my relief at changing into flat shoes later on, I think. Don't know about Dave's excuse. Pimm's and champers, probably.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shameless Copying

So, I blogged a while ago about someone who was copying my cards. I have been trying my absolute hardest since then to ignore her and just put all of my energies into my shop and products rather than into her and what she is doing. That's why I have avoided any more blog posts or anything. Anyway, I have just been sent a link to this card of 'hers'!

And it's even being promoted by Etsy. I don't know what to do or say really. I am just so shocked about the blatantness (if that's a word!). Here's my one which I am currently selling and sold this time last year.

There are lots more cards in her shop which I think are just too similar to mine too. I'm not going to say anything else now while I'm so upset. I'm shaking! If you have any tips or suggestions on what I can/should do about this then please let me know.