Friday, 29 October 2010

Special Delivery

The exciting news from Storeyshop HQ is that my range of machine cut card designs is growing. Some of the most popular Storeyshop designs are now in stock and at a more purse-friendly price. The great thing about these cards is that it makes them better for my small collection of lovely stockists around the country. Here is a selection of the new additions, all of which are available now.

psst... There's also some Christmas designs!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wedding! April 17th 2010

This year seems to be flying by and I have just realised that Sunday marked six months since I got married to the lovely Mr Storeyshop! Here's a peek at some of my favourite wedding photographs. They make me so happy. Thank you so much to the brilliant Gingerpixel for capturing such special moments from our big day!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Life Before Storeyshop

Every time I travel down by train to Sussex to visit my parents, I promise them that next time I have a car with me, I'll take some more of my stuff. I still seem to have quite a lot of stuff in their spare room and loft cupboards (I have a lot of stuff generally as I'm not very good at parting with old things). Anyway, when we were there a few weeks ago, we finally filled the car with lots of old art books and folders and brought them up north. Lucky Dave!

So, for a couple of weeks, I have been dusting off massive 'A' Level and Art Foundation portfolios and flicking through university sketchbooks. The portfolio work is a bit cringe-worthy, to be honest (very smudgey charcoal life drawings, anyone?), but the sketchbooks are quite fun. I didn't really realise how much papercutting I had done while at uni. I used to love using neon colours and I think half the reason for this was that, as I couldn't print the flouros, I just HAD to get my scalpel out and cut the typography or design by hand. An intricate time-consuming task was always much more inspiring to me (and still is) than staring at Photoshop or Illustrator with an idea in my head that I was pretty much guaranteed to end up having to change because I didn't have the tech skills to actually create it.

So, some of the history behind Storeyshop is revealed: A lack of computer skills, a passion for old-fashioned, hands-on processes and a dread of having to grow up and get a job where I wouldn't need a pencil case, with a ruler and a rubber in, at all times.

The last quote is a famous one that my Granddad used to say. I always hate it when people randomly say things like, 'Smile, love' just because you're not grinning away, but Grandad was always allowed.

My 'ideas list' is even longer now after going through my old designs. Apart from papercutting, I also liked felt tips. Maybe I'll bring them back out?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

First Personalised Wedding Guest Book!

Books are an exciting new venture for me and here are some photos of my first personalised one. It's a questbook for the happy couple's up-coming wedding so soon it will be full of lovely wedding messages for them to treasure forever from their special day. Woo hoo!