Monday, 28 January 2008

51 sales!

Good news.. I set a target for the end of January for Storeyshop to hit 50 sales and we've already done it! At the end of last year I thought 50 sales would be a bit optimistic but it seems not. Yay!

Good timing too as I have just been shopping. Hehe. I went into Newcastle today to go and see a man about some possible magazine freelance design up here which went really well (I hope) so then, seeing as I was near the shops and all....

Tomorrow is card-making central. I have so many to do, the orders are rolling in! I sold 2 monkeys today too which means out of our entire office full, they are now only 7 left. They all fit on one tidy shelf. I'll have to make more!

Well we made it out for a walk yesterday in the end. Here are some photos even though they're a bit rubbish. Check out the sheep running away from me!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

I got a treasury!

Afternoon, It's another grey miserable day but I'm happy as I have just made a treasury on Etsy. Here are all the things I want to buy..

There are so many nice things on Etsy at the moment. I really don't have the money but I want it all. And the bad thing is, I can kind of convince myself that it would be a good way of promoting Storeyshop. I can buy loads of things and hope all those sellers look at the shop!

I got back up north late on friday after my week in London were I was working on the cardboard animation with Beca. The project is nearly finished so that was my last week. I'm missing the glue guns already! It's great being away from the internet for a few days too as, typically, we get lots of orders! I have got back to a stack of 11 card orders which is fab! I have made a few already and I have lots more to keep me busy this afternoon and next week.

Going to attempt to go for a walk or a bike ride at some point this afternoon too. I feel like I don't leave the house much these days. I can't wait for the weather to cheer up a bit and for the evenings to get lighter. I'll hopefully be able to get outdoors with the new camera too when there's some sunshine.

Here are the cards I made yesterday..

Happy sunday!
Ta ra

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Left On The Shelf

Another grey day. This is getting depressing! I'm still holding out for some sun later so I can go for a sunday walk. Ever since I've been been in the countryside with my new camera it's been 'orrible weather!

Oh well. Here are some monkeys!

These are my new ones I have made this week. The pink theme wasn't even planned for Valentines Day coming up but they do make the Etsy shop look very romantic!

And these are the new monkeys mingling with the old ones who have all literally been left on the shelf after Christmas sales. They do actually sit along one of the shelves of the bookcase in the office! They don't want to be seen as charity cases but they just want a little exposure :)

Well I have to get packed later for another week in London. I'm heading down early tomorrow morning for another week in Cardboard HQ for some more corrigated card crafting. I'm looking forward to seeing how the animations are coming along and, apparently, all the cardboard creations we have made so far are all set up in scenes ready for shooting so that will be fun to see!

Ta ra

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More cards!

I'm going card crazy! I think I have made 9 so far this week. I'm really enjoying making them but I'm feeling like doing a spot of sewing as a change for this afternoon. I have two pink monkeys on the go and, once they are finished, I'm going to attempt some different animals!

Here are my new Valentines Day cards..

And here are some recent birthday card orders..

Ta ra

Monday, 14 January 2008

Card-making Monday!

I've just made my 3rd card of the day so I'm giving my fingers a break and taking some photos of them. The sun has just come out so I took a few quick photos of one of the cards with the light shining through..

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Getting all high tech

I'm back from my week working on the animation in London. I made lots of miniature things out of cardboard in a big studio in Stockwell. Very fun and I can't wait to see the finished animations taking shape!

Today I have been getting all high tech. I have managed to get all my songs off my old vintage iPod Mini that I have had for years and into iTunes to add to Dave's new fancy iPod he got for Christmas. Him with his swish new toy and me finally joining the digital revolution with my new camera, we're a bit behind but we're getting there! I have been loading CD after CD into the computer too to add lots more songs. It's taken all afternoon but we have broken the 1000 mark. The iPod takes 20,000 songs so a little bit of space left!

I've been designing cards while the songs have been uploading. I have 5 card orders to do today and tomorrow which is fab! I'm really enjoying making cards to fit around people's requests for names and imagery etc. I'll get the finished cards onto here very soon.

Oh yeah I remembered to bring my camera lead back home too so I can add some festive photos..

This is the spectactular display of Christmasness awaiting our arrival at Dublin Airport!

And this is our New Years Day swim in the sea!!

Sunday, 6 January 2008


I decided to get in early for Valentines Day by adding some card designs to Etsy and my listing made the Etsy homepage in a treasury! I didn't actually see it when it was on the front page which would have been fab, but nevermind. The card listing had 375 hits within a few hours and I have had quite a few custom order enquiries already!

Here's a screen grab of the treasury. Feel the romance!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to everyone and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I'm back at home after a hectic few weeks working in London then heading to Sussex to my family for Christmas then back up north for Christmas II with Dave's family and then to Ireland to stay with friends for New Year! A fab time was had by all and I have lots of photos which I will put up when I get my camera lead back (I left it at my parents by mistake, grrr!)

The highlights were seeing my friends and family again, eating lots of nice food, getting and giving (hopefully) lots of nice presents and swimming in the Irish sea on New Years Day! Have a look at the 'Zimmer Swimmers' link on the right for video proof!

Now I'm back to the card making and monkey stuffing. I have a steady stream of orders to keep me busy until I spend next week back in London working on the cardboard animation project again which I'm looking forward to! It's snowing today which is all very nice but I really hope it doesn't affect my trains to and from London...

Ta ra

Here's a few cards I have made recently but haven't been able to reveal in case people saw them who shouldn't!