Friday, 16 November 2012

Proudest Project Ever!

He's here! Baby Storeyshop arrived on the 18th September and is amazing in every way. Edward Samuel Foers was born at 5.59am and weighed in at a massive 10lb 4oz. Labour was not so fun (over 3 days) and I didn't manage to complete the homebirth that we would have liked but who cares? Ted arrived safe and sound and was worth every second. We already can't imagine our life without him. What did I used to do with all my time?! He is now over 8 weeks old and weighing 14lb 12oz. Toning my arms, that's for sure!

Here's some photos of our little super star...

Monday, 20 August 2012

Bump Update

About time I posted an update I reckon. Bump is now getting huge! It always seems to be wonky these days too as Junior tries to get comfy in there. Here are some more bump photos from 29 weeks up to last week. Seeing them all together makes me realise how much it has grown over the last couple of months...

So, less than 3 weeks to do until my due date now. Could be any day! A friend who was due the week before me had her baby two weeks early so that made us realise we really did need to get sorted and pack a hospital bag etc! Bags are now by the door and the car seat base is fitted. The big day will probably be two weeks late now but at least we're as ready as we'll ever be. So excited!

For anyone who has popped over to my blog to find out about Storeyshop, as you will have gathered, I'm about to have my first baby so have closed my shops and put my scalpels away for a few months. I'll be back at the cutting mat early 2013 and look forward to hopefully working with you then! To see my work, here are a few links you can follow: Etsy card sales, Etsy 'About Me' page, Facebook, Twitter. You can also use the search box on the right hand side of this blog to search for wedding stationery or whatever else you are looking for. Thanks!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Want Wednesday!

Yay, halfway through the week again! And time for my 'I Want Wednesday' post. Check out these amazing wool beauties knitted in Scotland from British lambswool. The shop is Nervous Stitch and the designer is Jenny who studied Knitted Textiles at The Royal College of Art. As a brand new knitter myself (and even that term's optimistic) I can't even imagine where you would start with these intricate lovelies! I love the colours and designs, definitely on my 'to buy' list.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I Want Wednesday!

It's been ages but 'I Want Wednesday' is back and I have some right beauties this week. These amazing illustrations are the work of Ashley Percival and I can look at them for ages, they're so intricate and quirky. There is even a chinchilla character. What more can I say?

Head over to Ashley's Etsy shop to see lots more. He's offering a special deal at the moment too where you can get a free print when you order two. The only dilemma will be choosing!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fresh Off The Cutting Mat!

Realised I had quite a few photos of recent commissions that I hadn't even taken off my camera so thought I'd finally have an edit. I've had lots of orders for personalised hand cut poster papercuts lately but, with moving house and studio, I often haven't had time to photograph them before running to the Post Office to send them to their new owners. Here are a few of my latest scalpelled creations that I did snap though...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

These are the only photos I could find of me and my Dad. Must take more from now on. And also have a look through the old photo albums next time I go down south and see my folks. So, anyway, a big 'Happy Father's Day' to my Pa and all the other super Dads out there! Can't believe it will be Mr Storeyshop's turn next year...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Bump Abroad!

So we went on our last child-free holiday the other week. We had been planning to book something since our 12 week scan but things just kept cropping up and I'm glad they did now as I was still feeling really sick all the way to 19 weeks. When the sickness went away I was like a new woman. It made me realise how rubbish I had really been feeling and that I had started getting used to it. To feel well and have my energy back is amazing!

So we finally jetted off to Lanzarote when I was 24 weeks. A bigger bump than I was expecting to take on a flight and along to the beaches but it was perfect timing for us in the end. 'Twas lovely to get away, just the two (and a bit) of us and escape work, emails and moving hassles for a week. We even took Bump on a camel ride!

Lanzarote was recommended to us by a few friends and was lovely. A nice balance of beaches but also cool places to explore. We hired a car which I really think is essential there if you want to make the most of the island. It was smaller than I'd expected and we nipped all around the place discovering lovely little coves and restaurants as well as exploring the volcanic scenery and caves. We also embraced a bit of culture including C├ęsar Manrique's house and his other sculptural works around Lanzarote which were stunning.

My trusty Canon 1100D came along with us too and I made the most of having less of a beach holiday (lying on beaches isn't amazingly comfortable when you can't lie on your front or your back) and more of a sand-free exploring holiday, taking lots of snaps around the place. I'm ashamed to say I hardly got it out of the automatic settings but I am still learning and didn't want to miss out on capturing memories by having it set to the wrong F-stop or ISO setting. I have promised myself that I will find a course soon and learn how to use my new toy properly. Preferably in time for Junior's arrival (we'll see)!