Friday, 30 May 2008

Finished Bags!

The finished Nanny Print Little Bags. A true Storeyshop joint effort with Beca designing and hand-printing the fabric from her amazing hand-cut lino stamp and me making bags from it! They will be available online very soon..

Right I'm off to get an indian takeaway to celebrate the new Storeyshop bag range and just that it's friday.

Ta ra

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Back Up North

My latest freelance stint in London went well. I got back home really late on friday and then Dave and I headed off to the Lake District early on saturday for a bank holiday camping trip. Neither of us had any mobile phone signal at all so trying to find our friends who had come up from Reading was all done with paper notes attached to cars. Much more fun! It's lucky Dave's Ibex 4x4 is very recognisable!

We had a great time. The weather was lovely and sunny just really windy! Our tent held up at night (some poor people's didn't!) but it was very noisy and we didn't get much sleep. I was grumbling about hating camping at one point in the night when the wind was literally lifting the edges of the groundsheet up, I was freezing cold and had to brave it outside to go to the toilet. In the morning though, with bacon cooking on the little camping stove, I loved camping again!

Right, I must go and finish off my card orders. I made 5 yesterday and I have 2 more to make today along with a monkey who needs packing up and sending to the U.S. Then it's more monkeys and bags to start making ready for We Make and the shop.

Ta ra

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I had a fab birthday! I managed to celebrate for 4 days, ate lots of nice food, saw my friends and family and got lots of nice presents. I like being 27 so far! This week I'm working in London again on Cosmopolitan magazine. It's good. I'm enjoying being back in the city but am also looking forward to getting back to Storeyshop. Beca has started printing her own fabric and it looks so nice! She has made me some to make little bags out of, looking forward to creating those!

The posters are going up around London for 'We Make'. Beca is hand-printing paper bags and business cards and I am thinking up new card designs. Woo hoo, not long now!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

'Google'ing Storeyshop

Typing Storeyshop into Google is always fun. I just had a look and found some fab mentions that I hadn't seen before. Raw Soil has written lovely things about a card I made for her sister recently and Chocolate and Steel blog has featured one of my mother's day cards I made a while ago too (for a moment I got really worried that she was saying it was horrible but, phew, she isn't!) There's also loads of links to mine and Beca's blogs and to our shop. All very exciting!

Right I have finished two more card orders this morning and photographed them. Now I must stop finding more and more things to look at on the internet (where do the hours go sometimes?) and get packing for my weekend away!

Here are Amy's (my most regular customer.. thanks Lovely if you ever read this!) latest cards..

Ta ra

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Twenty Seven

I've been scalpel-happy again for the last couple of days and have come up with lots more generic card designs which will all be on show (and for sale!) at We Make London

Of course, the new card designs will all be available through Storeyshop online as usual too!

Life away from Storeyshop brings my birthday next monday! I'm very excited. I'm like a small child and get excited about my birthday as soon as May starts. I'm actually booked to freelance on my birthday and for the rest of that week so my celebrations will be all weekend instead! We are heading down to sunny Sussex By The Sea tomorrow night and will be out and about shopping and eating nice food in Brighton for a few (hopefully sunny) days with all my friends and family. Woo hoo!

Ta ra

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We Make London

The craft fair 'We Make London' is fast approaching and Beca and I are busy making new Storeyshop goodies to take along! Hopefully Storeyshop will be featured on the We Make blog soon too. Have a look at the blog for details of all the other sellers who will be at the fair and for links to their Etsy shops if you can't make it to London to see them. There are some gorgeous things!

I'm creating a new range of generic greetings cards to sell at the fair. Here's the latest..