Friday, 13 April 2012

Storeyshop Is Moving!

So the other big news, apart from Bump, is that Storeyshop is moving to Yorkshire! Goodbye quiet but lovely sticks of Northumberland and hello city living (sort of). We're off to Sheffield where Mr has a larger factory space he can build his Ibex vehicles in and where I can also have a studio (woo hoo!). We came up with the idea of moving to back to Mr's homeland (God's Country apparently) about this time last year so it's been a long time in the planning and we're excited to be finally getting going. We move in on Tuesday -our 2nd wedding anniversary!

We are letting our little house out and have found a cool flat in a old converted asylum. It's quite a bit smaller than where we are now though so some serious stuff-editing has been occurring! Yes, I'm a complete hoarder as if you wouldn't have guessed from my 30+ egg cup collection (they are all coming with us by the way).

So do say hello if you are in the Yorkshire area. I can't wait to explore the local art and design scene and find some vintage and craft fairs. Not to mention charity and junk shops to start 'gathering' again (see photo above of my latest charity shop purchase which I have managed to sneak in since the 'no more tat buying before we move' rule laid down by Mr). I'm looking forward to meeting some Mums and Mums-to-be, too so we have signed up for the local NCT course in July.

On that note, bump is coming along nicely! I'm 19 weeks today. Here's a couple of pics from 18 and 19 weeks...