Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I Want Wednesday!

It's December! I hope you are all having fun Christmas shopping. I have to admit, I haven't really started mine yet but I have a list of ideas of things to make or buy for people now. That's a start! I'm going to try and go handmade all the way. On that note, I bring you my 'I Want' for this week: Gorgeous and ridiculously intricately stitched handmade creations by Teasemade on Folksy and Etsy. Love them!

Snowy Storeyshop HQ

OK, so if you are standing on the hill in the photo from my last post and turn around, this is what you'd see. Storeyshop HQ is the little window in the shadow of the tree. It is all warm and cosy and I'm cutting away enjoying the fact that I don't have to travel to work (for now). I'm still managing to get to the post office every day but please bear the snowy weather in mind if you are waiting for an order from me. Things may be a bit trickier for the poor post men and women. Brrrr

My next challenge will be getting down to London on Saturday to freelance on Company magazine next week. Let's hope the trains are running to get me down there and to whisk me from my parents' in Sussex to London Victoria each day!

So a little shop update: Today is the last day for personalised orders from any buyers outside of the UK (last posting date is Friday). I'm freelancing from Monday until the 23rd December now. I can still make and post all UK orders but there may be a slight delay on some of them. I'll still get items to you in time for Christmas and will update my shop and blog if anything changes.

Woo hoo. I'm feeling quite festive today. Happy first day of advent!