Friday, 27 June 2008

Super Cards

A new range of hand-cut Storeyshop cards are now available to order. Partly thanks to Dave's Gran and partly to a custom request from my latest customer, I am proud to unvail the Super Card!

I think I mentioned the three-layer Super Gran card which I made for Dave's, er, Gran, a while back but it has since inspired more three-layer delights such as the recent Super Andy card and now the 'Happy Birthday Dad' card for a stuctural engineer featuring some famous architecture on the second layer.

Available to order now from Storeyshop. Get thinking of your design ideas for your personalised Super Cards now!

Right I better get back to my designing. I got the job to design the two business identities and I am starting the new magazine next week hopefully. It will be a busy weekend too as I am taking Dave away for his birthday.. I hope the weather brightens up!

Ta ra

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Back In Town

Well I am back up north after my week working at Company and the We Make London craft fair. A very busy week sleeping at friends' houses -thank you again Lovelies! I finally made it to the cinema to see SATC with Caz and loved it. It was great to catch up with the Company girls again too and squeeze in some well-deserved lunches and shopping.

We Make London was a great fair with fab stalls but a bit quiet on the customer front as it was very 'off the beaten track'. Dave put posters on every lampost in Holborn and Covent Garden but it was just that bit out of the way I think. Nevermind, the people that did find it came and bought Storeyshop goodies including a special request to buy the sock monkey hanging from the balcony! Lots of business cards were taken too so it was still well worth doing.

On the shopping front (I knew I wouldn't be able to resist!) I bought some gorgeous little hair clips from creamrose at the fair, which I have been wearing everyday since! Have a look at her shop for lovely accessories. I got home to a card order from madebycara who had a gorgeous stall opposite us with cute bunting and little 'crayon rolls' -check out her shop too!

Here are a few snaps of the Storeyshop wares on display at We Make..

Now I am busy photographing the latest Storeyshop creations to put online. Keep an eye out for new monkeys and little bags very soon! I also have a few card orders to make and get posted off this afternoon. Various freelance design enquiries are on the cards too which is good. The magazine that I thought had changed their mind about redesigning their lifestyle publication are back in touch and wanting me to start work soon which would be a great project. I'm not holding my breath though. We'll see! A man called wanting me to design a few brand identities for him too. It is looking like a busy few months ahead.

Ta ra

Friday, 20 June 2008

Monday, 9 June 2008


Lovely sunny weather for the third day in a row -I think this might be summer! We had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. The new mini greenhouse is now up in the garden and we also went to a Steam Rally in Corbridge and had nice meals in the garden.

I also took a photo of Madam, the slightly moody bird who lives in a tree in our garden. She builds her nest in there every year and looks after her nest full of little ones. We even get to watch her teaching her new additions to fly. I don't know why she is grumpy, she gets quite a good deal really. One of our neighbours even buys grapes especially for her!

Talking of birds in the garden, number 7A is still vacant if anyone is interested?

Back to Storeyshop, I woke up to 2 more card orders which I have made this morning. Both blue love cards..

Right. I am off to post these two orders and then back to monkey making. I only have a week left to get everything ready for We Make London as I am travelling down next monday to freelance on Company magazine the week leading up to the fair. Lots to sort out!

Ta ra

Friday, 6 June 2008

Neon Monkeys!

I have another sock monkey production line on the go! They are all lined up along the back of the sofa in various stages of development. I'm stocking up for We Make. The newest monkeys in the range are neon and are looking fab. I do have a bit of a thing for neon!

The design job I mentioned a couple of blogs ago is now 'on hold' which is a shame but, nevermind. All the better to concentrate on Storeyshop and learning web design. I kept saying I wasn't going to hold my breath about that job too. It's funny how you get a feeling about these things..