Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Behind The Scenes: Now Magazine Papercuts

As promised, some behind-the-scenes photos from my recent commission by Now magazine. The task was to create a papercut winter wonderland for a beauty photoshoot. Such a fun job! Storeyshop HQ had to move in to my kitchen for extra space as this project turned out to be quite large in scale. I mocked up the size of the beauty gift sets to be included in the winter scene (biggest was A4 size) in cardboard so I could get the sizes right and did lots of extra trees and snowflakes for flexibility when the papercut shoot took place. Even more mess than usual was created along the way. I was still finding little bits of white card throughout the house (and in the wash) weeks later! The final printed feature is shown in the previous post...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Storeyshop Papercuts in Now Magazine!

Yay, I've been looking forward to seeing this! The reason I was lost for a few days under piles of white paper last month: My papercut winter wonderland for Now magazine! It's a beauty feature in the bumper Christmas issue 2011. I loved cutting this commission and it definitely got me feeling festive earlier than usual. I really like how it looks with the products included between the hills too, as I stared at it for days just in white with cardboard mockups of the lovely products. As I was cutting, I took lots of photos so I'll add them soon, too.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Storeyshop in Handmade Living Magazine

Woo! A very lucky Storeyshop monkey has made it into the gift guide section of the current issue of Handmade Living magazine!

Monkey is ever so proud! In other news, I'm really busy so please bear with me if you are waiting for a reply to a message. I will get back to you asap. I'm currently concentrating on making and posting orders for Christmas. If you are waiting for an order through Etsy or Folksy, please keep an eye on your feedback as I'll leave some for you when your item is on its way to you. Thanks and hope you love your goodies!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Post Dates, Papercut Pretties & Giveaway!

Hurrah! I've emerged from my piles of paper to do a quick Storeyshop update. My studio really needs tidying as there is even more paper on the desk and floor than normal. All good though, as I have been merrily scalpelling away. I'm excitedly waiting for a magazine to come out with my papercut winter wonderland inside, just about keeping up with card and poster orders and also working on a range of design projects.

I have been freelancing a lot aswell. Designers across the land seem to be taking their last few days or weeks of holiday before the new year and I'm filling their seats and doing their work while they're away! It makes for some late nights, trying to keep up with orders at the same time, but also means I get to mingle in normal studios and offices and give my hands a break from scalpelling. I even got invited to a real work's Christmas do. Result! Sorry for the lack of recent blog posts, especially my 'I Want Wednesday' lovely shop recommendations but normal service will resume very soon!

Right, the dull but important stuff. Last Christmas posting dates:

MON 5TH DEC - South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East, Australia and New Zealand
FRIDAY 9TH DEC - Europe, United States and Canada

Please bear in mind that these are the dates I'll need to have orders made and packed by. Current waiting time for hand cut orders is around 10 days so please order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. As with all my estimated shipping times, these dates are a guide and delivery will not be guaranteed to arrive in time for the big day. I'll do my best though!

I'll leave you with a couple of my latest papercut posters...

ps. In case you haven't seen on my Facebook page, I am having a little giveaway this week. Just head over to the Storeyshop page and 'like' and/or comment on my status about the giveaway. Winner will receive their choice of laser cut card absolutely free! I'll announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Guess what? We actually stopped working and went on a little holiday. We went over to Ireland (Greystones, Dublin and Donabate). Just a few days away but it feels like it was longer. 'Twas very fun especially as we hadn't had a break for so long and we got to catch up with two sets of friends out there who we'd not seen for ages, too. I didn't take my new fancy camera but took some snaps on my phone (excuse the blurriness). Yes, I'm the geek who always takes photos on planes!

(Think, maybe, I spent a bit of a long time in the advertising area of the Guinness Storehouse!)

I know. It looks like we just flew over, drank Guinness and then came home. Sort of, but we did squeeze a few more things in too! Great trip and I've come home feeling very inspired. So, once I have caught up with orders, look out for some new Storeyshop designs and lots more blog posts. And I think a giveaway might be in order too. What do you reckon? What Storeyshop goodies would you most like to win?