Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Business (Almost) As Usual!

Broadband, oh how I love thee! I'm finally back online and getting the order list down a bit, too. Phew! Things are starting to get back to normal. Just a lot of unpacking and tidying to do. I've been so busy working that our new flat is still a complete mess. I'm waiting for the mum-to-be nesting instinct to kick in. Things will all be perfect and immaculate then, won't they?

Well, I promised some new baby bump photos so here's my 23-week-old bump from last week. Getting big now and I have had the first strangers asking when I'm due so it must look proper baby bump now, rather than just too much dinner! Yay!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

News From Storeyshop (New!) HQ

Just a quick note to apologise for anyone waiting for an order or reply to an enquiry. I have new moved home and studio but am still waiting for broadband to be connected so I'm relying on the slighty hit-and-miss web signal on my phone to try and keep up with orders! Waiting time for current and new orders is still around 3 weeks as mentioned on my shop page but just a reminder that I'm still cutting away. I'm replying to messages as and when I can, as well. Have been a bit quiet on Twitter and Facebook for the same reasons but I'll be back. With a giveaway to celebrate the move to Yorkshire so watch this space! There'll be more bump pics, too. Our 20 week scan was great and all is looking very well with Junior. I never like to do things by halves...!