Friday, 18 March 2011

I Love You More Than Burgers

It's quite a declaration, I know, but a lovely Storeyshop customer made it recently. And in style with a hand cut poster version of my 'I love you more than burgers' card design. I am loving the bigger A4 version so, before popping it in the post, I tried it out in a frame...

I have added a close-up of the burger detail complete with drawing-pin-stabbed sesame seeds on top. Yum!

Also, introducing Ken the svelte and refined new porcelain face of Storeyshop. You may well be seeing more of him around my shop and blog in the near future. He came from a charity shop in Shoreham-by-sea but has settled in to the wilds of Northumberland very well indeed. Have a great weekend everyone!

There is a new 'I love you more than .... (you fill in the blank)' poster listing in Storeyshop now so do get in touch if you would like one.


Lisa said...

Well, I want to belive that this cut by hand but I can't. You know why? because I studied interior design and I used cutting knife for ever! my work was always descriped as the most neat, but yours is even neatest, because it is cut by digital machine! I recently got a cutting machine and know exacltly what you are doing!
telling people that this cut by hand is a deep joke! poor people belive because thay never know!
I'm not one of those though. I'm not in a competetion with you, but I feel so bad if I just pass by! It's not my "habbit" to comment on blogs, but you make me "have to".
Well, have you consider posting a vedio showing how you do that magic? I may belive that you own a "lazer" hands then!

Storeyshop said...

I'm definitely taking this as a compliment! All hand cut, my dear :)

Lisa said...

Well,don't! it is never a Compliment..only a vedio will show the is nevre hard to post a vedio of making of, ha?
May I ask where is the pencil-eraser marks on the cutting lines?
I can do thousand of copies of this card and that, in no time, know why because it is just typing fonts, convert to vectors, re arrange letters, a flower here, a burger there, machine cuts, and we are done! God Bless your digital cutter!!

Bluebell said...

Gorgeous work as ever :)

Dippylulu said...


Maybe, just maybe Storeyshop is better at hand cutting than you. Storeyshop has been hand cutting for years, and maybe, just maybe that makes her more skilled than you. Storeyshop sure does have better things to do than lie about her skill. Some of us have morals and ethics. Think about it, sweetie.

Claire said...

Oh dear, seems like someone has uncontrollable blog rage issues!!!
Firstly, if you knew anything about Storeyshop you would see that there are two ranges of cards being sold, 'hand cut' and CLEARLY LABELED 'laser cut'.
Storeyshop isn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes here. You get what you pay for. Simple!
I have previously had the pleasure of purchasing a hand cut card and I can vouch for the fact that these cards are absolutely gorgeous.
Also, if you had bothered to read any of the hand cut cards selling descriptions you would see it very clearly states..."I use a template to cut the designs out with a scalpel so no pencil or pen marks ever go on the finished card." Soooooo, that clears that one up doesn't it?!
Maybe you should do your homework before throwing accusations around? Maybe you had a bad day and wanted to take it out on someone more creative and talented than you? Maybe you do just have a bad case of uncontrollable blog rage? Maybe this is how you get your kicks? Maybe, but you know what... it's nicer to just be nice!

Bec said...

Oh wow! This is bizarre! I'm a three times happy customer of Storeyshop and my three custom orders have definitely been hand cut, very well done but quite clearly hand cut.

Claire Vincent said...

I believe these are hand cut, if you have a sharp enough scalpel and enough time/patience you can cut anything. The fact that Storeyshop has been going for so long probably means that Helen has a very practised hand for cutting.

From my experience, if things are cut by laser they often have a burr on the edge which is very distinct to being laser cut. They often leave a slight singe mark pending on thickness of the paper/card and the speed of the laser.

Have you actually bought one of her cards and checked it out close up?

Lisa said...

Oh, well ladies, first I never had a bad day, I contacted your creative friend long time ago, just to say I'm not blind, to believe so and so. Do you believe she used stecils? ok these stencils are cut by her digital cutter then! Why bother cutting with hand while anyone can own a digital cutter these days?! I'm never jelous, It is just because i have those "morals and ethics" and more, and like to feel we live in a "fair" web world!
..isn't strange that your comment suddenly came all at once, she must be sent you to speack her words?
Ok, prove me wrong and post a vedio showing work in progress, no need to show your face, oe even voice, just your magical that impossible?

Lisa said...

I Know how laser cuts look, like paper doilies edges. I'm talking about digital electric cutters such as Cricut or Silhouette, with those you can cut any font available in your PC, or any design done with Illustrato, inkscape, and other software.
I own one and got the same quality as your friend's cut.
Check this out:
and this

Jemma said...

Lisa. You are insane. Why on earth are you publicly declaring someone a liar without reason? Has Storeyshop done you wrong? Would you be *so* aggressive to Storeyshop's face, or are you only being this disagreeable because the internet offers you a thin veil of anonymity?

Storeyshop is not obliged to prove anything to you or anyone - stop being a troll and ranting your unfounded and arrogant nonsense on this blog.

Perhaps you could spend your time in a more positive and productive manner? Maybe go and improve your social skills and consider why randomly accusing someone of being a liar, in public, is a horrible thing.

Iveth Morales said...

Oh wow, super rude...
Lisa, you have no right to do this.
Is so not nice to go around making awful comments about something you aren't even sure! you are not there, on the side, cutting cards with this talented lady.
You might have your right to tell her what you think, in private (and even so, it would be very rude, too), but don't post this to the world. You have to learn some ethics...

Claire Mackaness said...

At least Storeshop can spell and use correct grammer for goodness sake get off your high horse your doing yourself no favours by being such a moo.

Anonymous said...

I reckon someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning. Keep up the good work Helen, we all love your gorgeous cards! x

Lisa said...

It seems that some people enjoying being fooled by other people! Why don't every one go and buy a cutter and do their own cards instead of treating her like a Queen of HAND CUT cards?
here what is obviously seems a hand cut,

Oh, grammer is not the issue here, typing mistake is not a crime..
Wish everyone a good day and night as good as mine!
Looking forward for a vedio..

Christine said...

Oh I have major rage on Helen's behalf here.

There is no excuse for attacking someone via their blog (or any other means). It's called bullying. You're attacking not only her skills but her integrity.

Helen most certainly doesn't need to produce a VIDEO to prove anything to any of her customers. And certainly not to you.

In the interests of full disclosure, I've never bought one of her cards. But I will now.

Kyleigh said...

Oh dear... Lisa the secret is a 360 degree swivel scalpel and a steady hand. Storey shops stuff is very beautiful and is cut by hand. It is possible to print designs with a very feint keyline and cut on that. You really shouldn't accuse her of something she clearly isn't doing.

Tina said...

Lisa, I must agree with you. I alsways have my doubts in her work, now since you started this I can talk too. I think there is no laser cuts too, photos showing no difference between her laser cut cards and hand cut ones. I know that laser cut large quantities of paper, since her cards are personalised, cutting too many cards with same design doesn't make sense. I wish to see her in action too.

Billy said...

Wow, somebody has anger issues. Storeyshop, ignore the bad attitude. Everybody else loves your products and service. Loved the card you made for me.


Sandy said...

Anyone else find it funny that Tina's grammar is as bad as Lisa's?!?!

Anonymous said...

I've worked with Helen and actually seen her in front of me cutting the hand! WIth a scalpel and thats it. The gorgeous cards you all receive in the post.

Jo Standing said...

I have a feeling that "Lisa" and "Tina" are the same person here. They both write in exactly the same style - complete with spelling mistakes and sentences
that do not make any sense. Just an observation.

Anyway. Lisa/Tina: Storeyshop cards ARE hand cut, each and every one of them. Except for the separate range of laser cut ones, which as someone else has explained to you are V.E.R.Y C.L.E.A.R.L.Y. L.A.B.E.L.L.E.D as such in Storeyshop's shops. It really is quite straightforward! It takes a lot of talent and skill to hand cut personalised cards so flawlessly, but this is how they are done.

Storeyshop does not need to produce a VIDEO to prove to you that they are hand cut. Of the thousands of satisfied customers that she has, you are the only one to question how the cards are made.

Enjoy your laser cutting machine, but I will continue to buy hand cut cards from Storeyshop :-)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, your comments are absolutely ridiculous. Firstly if you are as talented as you say you are, surely a simple spelling like VIDEO would not prove so difficult for you. I work for Craft Business magazine and speak to other crafters similar to Storeyshop everyday. These designs are not easily achieved but I know they are done by hand, and not laser. For you to comment on a blog slating someone elses work, you should bring a sensible argument to the table.

Lisa said...

Storeyshop: twitter-ing this makes you even more popular.
People take it easy, I'm not commenting on her hair style or wedding dress, nothing personal.
It's just that her products in makes me go "WHAT?!" everytime I read the words "Hand cut".
ANOTHER creative lady in Etsy too claims she cuts cupcake wrappers by hand with special tools and STENCILS, guess what? Identical design is found as digital die cut sold in Slihouette online store and can be cut with Silhouette digital cutter.
link to that item here:

link to the digital die cut design here:
that applied to most of her HAND CUT designs.
Please follow the links and tell me I'm wrong here!

Nothing wrong with using a cutting machine, customers will buy lovely product cut by machine too. it is that the price tag make some people "bluff".

Well, that happen in internet world, because you can never tell unless you see by your eyes or watch a VIDEO.
Ok, never mind the VIDEO, can't you post a photo for the stencils you use?

This is my last comment here..PROMISE, unless somebody wants me to speak more.

Lisa said...

Anonymous: You are blessed to see her cutting in person :)

Deepa said...

Wow. Is there any reason for this vitriol?

Interesting to see your examples of hand cutting were from somebody who is very well known to be copying Storeyshop's designs.

Please leave her alone, her designs are hand cut and she hasn't done anything to make you be this awful to her.

Laura said...

Wow.... I don't know what Lisa's problem is but blimey, she appears to be one angry woman!

Take a deep breath and relax and stop getting your knickers in a twist!

I personally love Storeyshop and all they have to offer and I don't think I am alone somehow.

Sure, everyone is entitled to an opinion but acting aggressively, making accusations with no proof and generally being extremely unpleasant is not the way to express your opinion.You are just making yourself appear to be a wally!

So.....Another deep breath....And think about how damaging and disresepctful your comments could be before actually pressing the keys on your keyboard....

Liz of Wool Boutique said...

I'm definitely a fan of seeing more of Ken.