Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunshine, New Card and Folksy Feature

Well, this year is certainly flying. I've barely had time to think, let alone blog. I am now a year older (it was my birthday on Wednesday), we have a new little niece (Esme Martha born today!) and we have even had some sunshine for the last few days too! We decided to make the most of the weather and headed to Whitley Bay on Saturday for ice creams on the beach. It was lovely and so much quieter than the beaches would be down south. One definite advantage, I'm learning, to living up here. The other thing I am growing to like up here are the crazily vast moors where you can walk for miles and won't see another person. We had a wander on the way home from the seaside -the last photo below is me in our glorified back garden!

I have been busy working on custom card orders today as I am freelancing on a magazine for the next three days and wanted to get as many as possible made and posted out. No time for pics of today's orders but here are some photos of a card order from last week which I liked. It is an engagement card and the customer requested white on white for the colours. I hadn't thought of that before but thought it worked really well. I'll definitely be using these scheme again.

Oh, and the other exciting news is that Storeyshop is currently a 'featured seller' on Folksy! With my new name and everything. I'm very pleased to be showcased among some other fantastic sellers.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wedding Sneak Peek & Handmade Place Names

Gradually getting peeks at some more of our wedding photos. I love some of the random ones like this one of Dave holding his bottle of Newc'y Brown and my wine while I bunch up my dress and try to walk quickly over the grass before my heels sink in to the ground!

While on the 'W' subject (again), here are pics of the hand cut place names I made for the big day. They were really simple pieces of thick, textured paper and I just cut a heart shape from the back of each to stick up when folded in half. I printed all the names onto sheets of paper in the right place and printed a cutting guide on the back of each (you can just about see in the photo below) so it was actually quite quick to cut each one out but they looked a bit more special than just a plain folded card. And a bit more wedding scalpel action would only be right!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hand Cut Wedding Table Numbers

Really looking forward to seeing our professional wedding photos but, until I have some of those to post, I thought I'd add some pics of the table numbers I made for the big day. I had to have some papercut action in there somewhere! The only thing is... I don't actually think anyone took any photos of the tables at the wedding. Probably a good sign that we were having too much fun! Some might turn up though so will add some if they do. Here they are on my trusty cutting mat...

I didn't really know what do for them when I started but found the fancy-looking typeface we used on our 'save the dates' and used it to print the numbers we needed nice and big. I started off cutting out different bits in navy blue and gold (our loose colour theme) and making them quite fussy but then decided just to keep it simple and, instead, cut each one from black card which would be stiff enough to stand up on its own without any backing.

I was planning to buy some metal table number holders to pop the finished numbers in to but they work out quite expensive (although I have since found some nice ones at quite a good price in Tesco if anyone is after some) so I decided to use an idea I had seen in a wedding magazine for place names, and use corks as little stands.

Oh and, obviously, the other essential item in the whole process was a lovely cup of tea! I think I am going to add hand-cut table numbers to my shop too as I loved making them and would enjoy making them for other peoples' weddings and other events. I did have a quick look at what was around to buy before deciding to make ours and there didn't seem to be much. Do get in touch if you would like something similar made for you. My next little 'show and tell' will be our cheap but chic (notice the theme here?) table place names.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Brand New Storeyshop Cards!

I've had these (and lots more) ideas for new cards up my sleeve for ages but have finally got around to drawing, printing, cutting them out and adding them to my shop. Lots more coming soon too. Quite a lot of wedding-themed and lovey ones. Funny that!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Seb In The Spotlight And Wedding Invitations

Well, if you haven't already seen Kitty N Dog blog, you should. All things furry and cute. Last week Seb was the official 'Furry Friend' so I thought I should upload this photo of him basking in his glory and having a good old read of the blog post!

He's a bit dark in the corner but you get the idea. In other news, I have been back on the wedding stationery but for another happy couple instead of us! I have loved making these pale cream and ice blue personalised cut-out cards...