Monday, 10 December 2007

Ready to sew!

I'm back up north and ready to get sending and making!
I was freelancing in Cardboard land all last week back down in London. It was very fun but really tiring and I did get lots of UHU glue headaches and papercuts! Just to recap, Beca and I were working with Maggie who we went to university with. We were (and Beca still is) making town scenes and room interiors entirely out of mostly brown, corrugated cardboard. As you do! It's looking good and when it's finished I'll add some pics on here. We didn't have any internet access in our little office though so I felt a bit stranded from the world and was missing updating my blog and checking Etsy.

I'm very pleased to be back in Haltwhistle, even if the weather is horrible and rainy. I have sold 2 monkeys over the weekend so I'm getting them all packed up today and ready for their journeys and I have a birthday card to make which needs to be in the post by this afternoon too. Other than those things, I am going to get sock monkey and bag making today. I'm planning to do some new personalised card listings on Etsy too.

The bathroom up here is useable now which is quite a treat! It's still missing floorboards so you have to be careful not to fall down the holes and probably through the kitchen ceiling but mustn't grumble!

This is one of my favourite monkeys which has just sold and is off to live in Manchester..

Ta ra!

PS: Note my new links to Morganstreet, Rawsoil and 2minutesplease blogs on the right --->
They have all added lovely mentions of Storeyshop products!