Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Storeyshop On The Front Page of Etsy!

Not only is there a Storeyshop card on the front page of Etsy but I have actually seen it! I have had a few front page features before but never ever seen one in real time. Thank you so much to FluffyFlowers for being more on the ball and letting me know. How appropriate too as it is my very handsome fiance's birthday tomorrow!

I am so, so busy with card orders but had to have a little break to get a screen shot of that. I also managed to nab a treasury at the weekend and filled it with all things wedding! I think it may have expired by now but do give me a shout if you would like to find any of the lovely items and I will let you know where you can get your hands on them.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Wedding Venue Hunting!

This wedding planning business is harder than I thought. We are yet to find the perfect venue, in fact, many possible venues. There are a few stunning castles and stately homes nearby but, apart from being over-budget, I'm not sure that they feel very 'us'. I found a gorgeous little cricket pavillion that was supposedly available for hire so we got in the car last weekend to go and find it, joking on the way that the photo I had seen was probably posted online in 1991 and that it wouldn't be there anymore. We found the spot and it actually had been knocked down. Not in 1997 or something though. Literally only months ago! There are now plans up on the gate and a half-built modern-looking sports hall in its place. Gutted!

LITTLE UPDATE: The cricket club does still exist! I take it all back. We had another search when we were driving through the area and found it tucked away down a little road. We had a sneaky nose through the windows but too small for wedding.

Onto the next I guess! I have a list of places that might be worth a Google or a visit (partly thanks to the brides-to-be in the 'You and Your Wedding' forums -thanks girls!). I am also going to add some relevant tags to this post and, you never know, someone may read this and point us in the direction of our perfect reception venue! We are looking in the Northumberland, Tyne Valley and North Cumbria areas so if anyone has any ideas at all, let me know!

My Storeyshop orders are all finished for the week so I have been doing a little bit of wedding inspiration gathering (my new term for shopping) on Etsy. There are so many nice things. I am looking forward to sorting out a venue so I can just think about the little bits and bobs.

Look at these gorgeous butterfly garlands by pandawithcookie. They would look stunning in a white marquee with candles or fairy lights...

Monday, 22 June 2009

Storeyshop Monkey In Print

Yay! Another Storeyshop monkey had made it into the press. This time in the 'Summer 2009 New Mom's Handbook' from 'Pregnancy Magazine' which is on sale now in the United States. Blue and Grey Monkey has snuck in the corner of this stripe-themed feature on ideas for first birthday presents. I love the zebra pillow too from designpublic.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm Getting Married!

Ahh, my poor neglected blog. I have been very busy down south visiting family and friends, freelancing on various magazines in London and Newcastle, squeezing lots of Storeyshop orders and um, wedding planning! Dave proposed on my birthday last month! All very exciting. Not really sure where to start with organising the big day but we have written a few lists and driven around a bit looking at venues. It's a start. Obviously, they'll be lots of handmade elements too, which will mean lots of wedding-inspired Etsy shopping so I will share my finds here...

Must get back to my card orders. I have a break now between freelance bookings so will be fully back into Storeyshop making, treasury creating and blogging. Must catch up on all the lovely blogs that I follow too!

To complete the love theme, I'll leave you with some simple and stylish silver and white wedding cards which a customer ordered recently.