Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Storeyshop Giveaway!

As I mentioned in my recent post, I'm very excited that my Storeyshop Etsy shop reached 1500 sales a couple of weeks ago. Woo hoo! I love a milestone and I definitely think a celebratory giveaway is in order. So, it's time to get winning!

The prize will be a personalised A4-sized Storeyshop hand cut poster. You choose the design, the colour(s) and the wording and I design and scalpel it for you before popping it in the post. It's that simple. You can even choose a personalised card instead if you would prefer.

So, all you need to do to enter the giveaway is to comment on this post with what you would choose for your hand cut poster or maybe what room of your home you would like to brighten up with a poster. No need to be exact or let me know every detail, we can discuss your actual poster if you win! Maybe you would give your poster away as a gift to some newly-weds or to a family with a new baby?

For extra entries you can do the following:
1) Follow my blog (or mention that you are already following in a comment).
2) Tweet about my giveaway and add a link to it (I'll keep track of all tweets if you include 'Storeyshop' somewhere within it.
3) Blog about my giveaway or add a link on Facebook (let me know in a comment).

I'll pick at random and announce the winner on Tuesday 24th August. Thank you and good luck!


ClareBears said...

I'm already a follower :)

I do love your cards and posters! congratulations on the milestone

Paul Graves said...

Woohoo! I love your cards. Retweeted the competition link, and put the link in my facebook http://www.facebook.com/paul.graves

If I win the comp I'd look for something for my wife's office. She works at the local hospital, helping new mums with breastfeeding issues. Her and her boss have the tiniest office going, so a poster would really cheer the place up :)

TheMadHouse said...

I adore your posters and my goddaughter is expecting her first child in a couple of months and I would love to win one for her. I will also tweet about the giveaway, oh and I am already a follower too

Jo Grim said...

Woo hoo another giveaway! If I win I would like a card for my in-laws 40th anniversary. I would then win the prize of being their favourite daughter-in-law!

Congratulations on 1500 sales!

Irit said...

Wow! That's so generous of you!

I might make a poster for my underused kitchen, to encourage myself to use it more often (for cooking rather than eating).

Irit said...

I'm a blog follower.

Irit said...

I tweeted:

poppet said...

Wow, it would be so cool to win one. I'd probably have it above my desk in my spare room/office.

Count me in!

poppet said...

Ooops! I forgot to mention I also FB'd it on:

liveotherwise said...

Am now following. Fantastic milestone, love your designs. Think I'd probably go for something for the baby's first birthday which is approaching incredibly rapidly.

Will tweet momentarily as liveotherwise

Katherine said...

I'm a Twitter follower :) I've retweeted you're latest tweet about the competition!

I love your work and would really love a poster to brighten up my study :)

Sew Recycled said...

Ooo, lovely!
If I would win, I hink it woulsd have to be something to do with love. Its our wedding anniversary on the 22nd of this month so that would be a gorgeous gift for us!

boutiquepaeony said...

i love these designs it really gives that something different we all look for...

Mrsshilts said...

Just found your blog via twitter, what brilliant stuff! Am now a follower and will read ur blog with interest from now on


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, love your work!

I've given your cards to my friends and family (which they adored) so am tempted to be selfish and try to win something for myself!

I'd love a quote or a few words from a fav poem to take pride of place on my very bare wall :) Maybe I could then do illustrations to go around it that tie in with the text.

Will tweet now as @Illustratively

x Heidi

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm not sure whether to do it for us or for a friend who's having a baby soon! Can I decide if I win? :)

seventyseventyone said...

Congratulations on all those Etsy sales. I love your work and would like something cerise and retro for my new kitchen if I win. :)

SparkleSmith said...

wow, that is a lot of sales well done. I'd get one for my friends children for christmas.

kleinzonnetje said...

I'm following now! I think I'd love to have the first few lines of a song on my poster. It's one that always inspires me and makes me realise what's important. I'll be tweeting about this too..

AmyE said...

I like the posters - nice idea! Not sure what I would have - need to have a think. But i am moving to a new house so I just know there would be a place for it!

craftyjemima said...

What a unique giveaway. I've tweeted and am following your blog. Fingers crossed!

Nerys x

Anonymous said...

Hi there, love the blog and all your products.. make me smile just too look at. I have bookmarked your pages into my "wedding ideas folder" :-)

I am following your blog
on http://sandylivia04.blogspot.com/

Also we are twitter buddies , you kindly followed me back this morning. Therefore I just retweeted your give away.

If i won i would have the poster made up for my daughter to decorate her new "big girl" room x

keep up the good work xxx

Girl_Industries said...

My first baby is due next Thursday, so I'd request something birth announcement-y to hang in the nursery, or perhaps to give to the proud grandparents, if I can bear to part with your lovely work!

I'm going to follow your blog and will also RT.

Claire said...

I'm now following your blog! Love your work :) If I was lucky enough o win, it would be hard to part with it, but I'd give it to my best friend for her forthcoming wedding. She loves papercut art, so it would be a nice memento for her and her beau and I'd still be able to admire it when I went to visit! :)

The Rainbow Room said...

Congrats on your milestone, I love your work and would love a handcut rainbow storeyshop style!

Amanda (and Kevin by association) said...

You're so generous! :D I'm a follower and shouted out a tweet!

Good luck to the winner! And congrats on your sale milestone!

Pip said...

Ooh, I'd love to be in with a chance of winning. A poster would definitely find a home at my wedding - the question would just be where?!

She Draws said...

O my god, what would I have? This too much excitement in one go!

I think I would have She Draws and some pencils, because I'm not sure what is going to happen with my shop since I have a new job and if i am unable to carry on with it in the same way I would love a poster to remind me of my little shop. I have so much to thank my shop for, well for starters it very much helped me get my new job and I really don't want to ever forget that.

Anonymous said...

I'm already a blog follower!

I'd love a poster of my business logo, would look perfect above my shiny new desk!

Also have tweeted about the giveaway too x

Diddyvans said...

love your work - i would have one with our business name on to put up in our trade stand - we are a new business and it might bring us even more luck x

Wendy said...

retweeted @kikicomp

I wd have a poster made for my Mums 80th:)

Sandra said...

Either my Mums 60th or be totally selfish and have it with my wedding anniversary on! Lovely stuff keep it up (will re-tweet)

missielizzie said...

I've subscribed.

I'd love to win one of these to commemortate the birth of my baby neice. x

Life Of Bairn said...

I'm due to have my first baby in a few weeks so would love his or hers name to put up on the nursery wall!!

Anna said...

Congratulations Helen :) how fab is that. well deserved though.

i already follow and have retweeted for you.

mmm well i'd love anything really but a surprise poster would be fab to cheer up a wall in my flat that in using as my workshop at the moment would be great.

thanks agasin for the giveaway and heres to the next 1500 :)


cLare_beaR_ said...


id choose a personalised poster for my best friends baby whos due in november, itd be great for his nursery wall :)

ill tweet about the giveaway too @cLare_beaR


Teasemade said...

If i were to win totally tempted to have something for me teasemade like and sewing Ooooooo (naughty) but the perfect timing would be great for my friends wedding both are graphic designers, so they would love something special to remember their day. One of them studied with me at Bath too.

Lee-Ann said...

Retweeted link - http://twitter.com/MsSoprano

If I won I would pick something to display on the wall above my desk, to help inspire me with my own work!

Andy English said...

I adore lettering and - especially - cut lettering. I shall retweet this :)

Would it be too selfish to think only of myself and have some words by William Blake to keep me going in the studio when inspiration fails me?

Best Wishes for your work.

the rikrak studio said...

oh yay!
what a great giveaway!
i'm such a storey shop fan - already thrilled to have given away beautiful, well-loved special occasion storey-shop cards to loved ones!

thanks for the chance!
& congrats on your deserved success!

if i won, i might love to have you make a custom card or poster made that has the name of my hubby's new book (2nd collection!) coming out this fall as a special little congrats gift to him. he adores your work as much as i do - and that's really saying alot! :)
thanks nicey!

thanks again

the rikrak studio said...

and i happily now follow you here!