Saturday, 6 October 2007

Back up north

I'm back at home up north after my trip down to Brighton to see my family last weekend and then London last week to do some freelance design at Company magazine. Nice to go back and see everyone but I've been looking forward to coming back and getting on with making things and promoting Storeyshop etc. (and seeing my boyfriend, Dave, and chinchilla, Seb, again!)

On my own today so going to make the most of it and get some new items made for the shop. I have a few half-finished monkeys to complete which I was sewing on my train journeys. I need to get myself in Christmas mode too to get some products ready for the festive season! Last week I was working on the Christmas issue of Company magazine so that's helped get me in the mood!

Still feels very weird to be posting about myself and Storeyshop and maybe noone will even read them but, oh well! It's actually quite fun.

Ta ra. Have a nice weekend!

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