Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Storeyshop at Oblong Gallery

Storeyshop hand-cut cards are available for a limited time in the Oblong Gallery's Christmas Pop Up Shop! Details and opening times are all on their website.

Well I am back up north after my busy weekend down south. It was fab to be back in Sussex and to see my family and friends again. Friday night was my friend Lisa's birthday beer and cider festival where she had the best 'pick your nose' paper cups ever!

Saturday was We Make Christmas in London so it was an early start. The fair was quieter than I was expecting considering the great, central location but it was still worth doing and fun to see other Etsy people. Monkeys and cards were the best sellers and I think a few more monkeys will be unwrapped on Christmas day now, including the cutest little girl who took a shine to the monkeys we had hung up in the foyer. She has a monkey on it's way to her if her Dad has managed to keep it a surprise!

Saturday evening was a lift back to Sussex (thanks Ma and Pa!) via M&S for quick dinners all round and then dressing up for Grace's 80's birthday party. I wore a shiny, puff-sleeved, shoulder-padded jacket courtesy of eBay and managed to look really awful not even just funny! It was great though. My friend Caz even wheeled out an original 'Jason & Kylie' t-shirt. Top marks!

Sunday was visiting my sister and brother in law's for lunch to catch up with them and my nieces and nephew. A viewing of 'Polar Express' with advance warnings of everything than was about to happen minute by minute and a few games of 'Pass The Bomb' later, we relaxed infront of 'Antique's Roadshow'.

Wedding invites today so I am currently printing, cutting and tieing (is that a word?) ribbons. After that it will be taking photos of new monkeys and adding them to Storeyshop.

Ta ra

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