Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Wedding! April 17th 2010

This year seems to be flying by and I have just realised that Sunday marked six months since I got married to the lovely Mr Storeyshop! Here's a peek at some of my favourite wedding photographs. They make me so happy. Thank you so much to the brilliant Gingerpixel for capturing such special moments from our big day!


Iveth Morales said...

Stunning photos! you look gorgeous!!

Irit said...

Looks like a truly beautiful event. You look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love your dress – the shoulder detail is so lovely!! Yay I do love pretty wedding pics :)

Anna said...

just beautiful!!

just been reading about the sketchbooks too ...i'm the same my dads loft got emptied when he moved but lots of 'stuff' moved with him and into storage. I need to sort it out but I have no loft myself. some of my A level work is fine but theres some bits that are shockingly bad now you look back.I miss not having the time for sketchbooks though, used to love them. I ressurected some of my foundation life drawing and its framed and up.
sorry to waffle it just so close to home :)

Kirsty Taylor said...

Love the first picture of you, absolutely stunning:)