Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Guess what? We actually stopped working and went on a little holiday. We went over to Ireland (Greystones, Dublin and Donabate). Just a few days away but it feels like it was longer. 'Twas very fun especially as we hadn't had a break for so long and we got to catch up with two sets of friends out there who we'd not seen for ages, too. I didn't take my new fancy camera but took some snaps on my phone (excuse the blurriness). Yes, I'm the geek who always takes photos on planes!

(Think, maybe, I spent a bit of a long time in the advertising area of the Guinness Storehouse!)

I know. It looks like we just flew over, drank Guinness and then came home. Sort of, but we did squeeze a few more things in too! Great trip and I've come home feeling very inspired. So, once I have caught up with orders, look out for some new Storeyshop designs and lots more blog posts. And I think a giveaway might be in order too. What do you reckon? What Storeyshop goodies would you most like to win?


Hayley said...

Wow Ireland looks great! It's already on my "places to visit when I get a chance" list. Glad you have came back feeling rested and inspired, all the best holidays end that way!
Hayley x

Handmade in Israel said...

Drinking Guiness is a pretty good thign to do, what's wrong with that? Looking forward to seeing your new ideas!