Monday, 17 October 2011

New Storeyshop Papercuts

I've been cutting lots of tiny stripes after designing these new papercuts. The black 'More than you'll ever know' one is based on the papercut I gave to Mr Storeyshop on our first wedding anniversary in April. Ever since that one (and even though it took ages to cut!) I've had other more intricate cut out designs up my sleeve.

The next papercut was a recent custom order for a first wedding anniversary gift. The commission was to make the design ornate and romantic. I loved cutting this one and included a few little initials and dates through the design, as I was cutting.


ruth said...

I love your new designs!! I actually really like the images of the stripe designs when you have just started cutting and you can just see a glimpse of the letters!

Ruth x

Storeyshop said...

Thank you, Ruth! Ooh, maybe I leave some with less cut out? :)


Handmade in Israel said...

These are incredible! You must have have patience of a Saint to cut these!