Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Bump Abroad!

So we went on our last child-free holiday the other week. We had been planning to book something since our 12 week scan but things just kept cropping up and I'm glad they did now as I was still feeling really sick all the way to 19 weeks. When the sickness went away I was like a new woman. It made me realise how rubbish I had really been feeling and that I had started getting used to it. To feel well and have my energy back is amazing!

So we finally jetted off to Lanzarote when I was 24 weeks. A bigger bump than I was expecting to take on a flight and along to the beaches but it was perfect timing for us in the end. 'Twas lovely to get away, just the two (and a bit) of us and escape work, emails and moving hassles for a week. We even took Bump on a camel ride!

Lanzarote was recommended to us by a few friends and was lovely. A nice balance of beaches but also cool places to explore. We hired a car which I really think is essential there if you want to make the most of the island. It was smaller than I'd expected and we nipped all around the place discovering lovely little coves and restaurants as well as exploring the volcanic scenery and caves. We also embraced a bit of culture including C├ęsar Manrique's house and his other sculptural works around Lanzarote which were stunning.

My trusty Canon 1100D came along with us too and I made the most of having less of a beach holiday (lying on beaches isn't amazingly comfortable when you can't lie on your front or your back) and more of a sand-free exploring holiday, taking lots of snaps around the place. I'm ashamed to say I hardly got it out of the automatic settings but I am still learning and didn't want to miss out on capturing memories by having it set to the wrong F-stop or ISO setting. I have promised myself that I will find a course soon and learn how to use my new toy properly. Preferably in time for Junior's arrival (we'll see)!

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