Monday, 10 March 2008

Baby Cards and New Little Bags

Here are the two personalised new baby cards I made this morning. Both customers asked for specific imagery so these are my first ever rose and elephant details. I was planning to try some new imagery so it was good timing. I especially like the roses and they will work in birthday and anniversary cards too.

I have also made a new little bag today. I was sure my bag making technique wasn't very efficient so I found a tutorial a while ago on how to sew simple bags with zippers. It's neater and faster than the way I was sewing them and I'm pleased with how my first try turned out..

I thought I'd add a link to the tutorial as I love it when people go to the effort of publishing lessons like this complete with photos and everything just because it's a nice way to pass on their knowledge. This one was so helpful and clear to understand.

Happy monday!
Ta ra

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