Sunday, 9 March 2008


Living up in the sticks miles away from most of my friends and family means visitors up our way are a bit few and far between these days but, this weekend, we have had quite a turn out! My little brother came all the way up from Brighton on friday and Beca and her man popped up today from their holiday cottage in the Lake District.

We took my brother for a walk up to Hadrians Wall on saturday morning and got caught in a torrential downpour on the way home to the point that even our undies got soaked through. Phil ended up with one muddy sock after losing a shoe in the mud!

Today we took Beca and Tom for a big ol' roast dinner in this brilliant old lady canteen-style pub near us. Hard to explain but it just makes you think of wedding receptions as you're eating your lamb and yorkshire puddings on a table positioned on the wooden 'dance floor' area. Lovely food though and such a bargain. You don't get places like that in London.

On the Storeyshop front, I had my fastest ever monkey sale on friday morning. My Yellow and Grey Retro Monkey sold in under a hour and to a fellow Northumberlander. He was only sat on our sofa for a few hours but the time we had with him was special! As well as packing Monkey up and sending him on his way tomorrow, I have a couple more New Baby card orders to make and I'm also going to start on a new product range. Look out for more little bags and animal purses (hopefully) very soon!

Ta ra

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