Monday, 9 June 2008


Lovely sunny weather for the third day in a row -I think this might be summer! We had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. The new mini greenhouse is now up in the garden and we also went to a Steam Rally in Corbridge and had nice meals in the garden.

I also took a photo of Madam, the slightly moody bird who lives in a tree in our garden. She builds her nest in there every year and looks after her nest full of little ones. We even get to watch her teaching her new additions to fly. I don't know why she is grumpy, she gets quite a good deal really. One of our neighbours even buys grapes especially for her!

Talking of birds in the garden, number 7A is still vacant if anyone is interested?

Back to Storeyshop, I woke up to 2 more card orders which I have made this morning. Both blue love cards..

Right. I am off to post these two orders and then back to monkey making. I only have a week left to get everything ready for We Make London as I am travelling down next monday to freelance on Company magazine the week leading up to the fair. Lots to sort out!

Ta ra

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