Friday, 27 June 2008

Super Cards

A new range of hand-cut Storeyshop cards are now available to order. Partly thanks to Dave's Gran and partly to a custom request from my latest customer, I am proud to unvail the Super Card!

I think I mentioned the three-layer Super Gran card which I made for Dave's, er, Gran, a while back but it has since inspired more three-layer delights such as the recent Super Andy card and now the 'Happy Birthday Dad' card for a stuctural engineer featuring some famous architecture on the second layer.

Available to order now from Storeyshop. Get thinking of your design ideas for your personalised Super Cards now!

Right I better get back to my designing. I got the job to design the two business identities and I am starting the new magazine next week hopefully. It will be a busy weekend too as I am taking Dave away for his birthday.. I hope the weather brightens up!

Ta ra

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