Monday, 16 February 2009

I Got One!

Yay. After all those hand-cut Storeyshop Valentine's cards made and posted out since the beginning of January, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a hand-cut 'I love you more than' card on my own doormat on the big day! My boyfriend has a new admiration for my mass card scalpelling after cutting his own version!

Not only that but I got another hand crafted present too. The evening of the day of love was spent enjoying a fantastic meal at the Crown Inn restaurant in Catton, Northumberland. I highly recommend it for anyone who happens to live nearby. Gorgeous food and a really nice atmosphere (and free bubbly with strawberries in!)

Post February 14th, I'm pleased to say the card orders are still coming in. I am looking forward to getting some new items finished and into Storeyshop over the next month or so too. New monkeys will also be popping up soon (there are only 8 left for sale!) along with some sparkly, new Storeyshop branding.

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i cant sew said...

hello my newest follower, you rock!! cool cards they must take you for ever but i guess they last for ever too. i will be back.
%*_*% rosey