Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Knitting For A Good Cause

I can't knit very well but I am going to learn. I found this forum post on my weekly Money Saving Expert email and it has some great ideas for knitting cardies, hats and blankets for premature babies and old people and for children in war-torn countries and disaster areas. Some of the sites feature easy-to-follow knitting patterns, tips and even photos of the knitted offerings being worn and used. How fab is that? My plan is to do a spot of knitting in front of the tv in the evenings and then send it off to a good home to keep a small person warm and cosy.

There is also the Innocent drinks Big Knit campaign where you can make little hats for Innocent. The drinks with the little woolly hats go on sale in November I think, so a little way off, but I might be really good at knitting by then! This Big Knit video is fab. Knitting and banter with Beryl and Jean.

Get knitting and I'd love to see what other people have made for charities. I will post my offerings here once I have bought some wool and nicked some knitting needles from my Mum. Actually I must remember to tell my Mum about knitting for causes. She has recently retired and is loving getting back into her crafts. She has had a big embroidery set to do since before I was born and I think she has just started it! She had lost the instructions and the colour guide so I Googled it and found her a photo of someone else's completed one to work from. Progress is slow according to my Dad but at least it will be the right colours now.

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