Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I Want Wednesday!

Woo hoo, the sun is blazing into the office today and I have just heard about a possible exciting project too so I am happy. Let's hope I can reveal more soon! I have been having a little Wednesday browse of handmade goodies too. My top shop for this week is MrPS.

My perfect combination of tea, food, cafes, Britain, fry-ups, bingo and simple design in the shape of tea towels, posters, mugs and shopping totes! All handmade and based in Manchester, MrPS products have been featured in British Vogue and French Elle among others. I like!

Lovely jubbly! The cafe ideas remind me of my beloved Picadilly Cafe in London. It is no longer, sadly, but I have very happy memories of lunches there with the art girls when I worked as a designer in London. Lunches would vary but we would always have mugs of tea and bread and butter all round. Why does it taste so good when you have it in a cafe?! One of the staff used to be constantly talking on the phone too. I mean, constantly. He'd be talking when you went in and I'm sure it was the same conversion when you left an hour later. In fact, in all my time there, I'm not sure that I ever saw him without that phone in one hand and his butter knife in the other.

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