Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wedding Venues And Leeks!

I think we have finally sorted out a wedding venue! We looked around quite a lot and were down to two options, a castle hotel and a village hall. Both very different but nice in their own ways. We visited the village hall a couple of weeks ago and it was great as we were told we were welcome to come and have a look around on the Saturday but strictly after 6pm as, before that time, they would be judging the village leek competition! How brilliant is that? I am definitely a proper country girl now that I have been to the local vegetable growing contest.

So, we went to have a look round Whitfield Village Hall (at 7pm just in case the judging was very tough and went on a bit) and all the veggies were laid out for all to admire. The smell was amazing! I didn't know whether taking pictures was allowed but people seemed to be happy that I was taking the odd snap. Maybe it was their proud produce that I was capturing! It wasn't just leeks either...

Well, the village hall turned out to be too small in the end and would have taken a lot of planning and organisation on our part. Especially as most of our friends and family live far way and wouldn't be able to help out easily. So we are hopefully going for the castle. We have a meeting tomorrow and then, all being well, we will have a wedding to go to! Good job really seeing as I have already ordered my dress and found some amazing shoes. Woo hoo!

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Tea said...

Those vegetables look so fresh and lovely!