Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Personalised Storeyshop Sock Monkeys

Sorry for the severe lack of blog posts lately but I have been ridiculously busy. Last week I freelanced 9-5 all week and then made Storeyshop orders every evening. The weekend was another mixture of monkey making and DIYing but at least our hard work is paying off and the kitchen is looking lots better. The Storeyshop order waiting list is getting lots of nice ticks against it too!

I am loving personalising monkeys. It adds a special touch to each one and also another colour which I really like. Here are the two monkeys I posted off to the U.S today. The special offer is still on too, so get choosing the free felt inital you would like sewn onto any Storeyshop sock monkey purchased now!

I'm also very excited today as one of my best friends had a baby girl yesterday evening! Can't wait to meet her.

1 comment:

Petaliferous said...

Wow! Those sock monkeys are ADORABLE!! I want one! I dont know what my babie's name will be though so I'll have to wait!