Friday, 20 August 2010

Storeyshop Newness!

A new product is unveiled from Storeyshop HQ. I have had a little stack of these nice notebooks on my shelf for a long time but have only just got round to introducing them to Mr Scalpel. The same idea as Storeyshop cards and posters; they can be completely personalised with words and/or images. Great for gifts for other lucky souls or as a treat for yourself. I need to build up lots more examples but it's a start...

My first design is quite fun as it's my new initials and is roughly based on the very first Storeyshop card which was a Valentine's Day card for Dave 4 years ago - back when I was a HB and had no idea how close me and Mr Scalpel would one day become (or that me and Mr Storeyshop would get hitched)!

ps. Don't forget my giveaway below. There's a free hand cut and personalised Storeyshop poster up for grabs! Still time to enter and spread the word as the winner will be announced on Tuesday. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


peaches & me said...

your work is amazing your so talented!!! love your blog x

lauren carney said...

your blog is really something special.
I am enlightened by all of the loveliness each photo has to offer.
Thanks for the inspiration!
happy blogging x x

Kim Henkel said...

My first time at your site - your work is lovely! I am glad to find your site!