Thursday, 28 April 2011

Our Paper Wedding Anniversary!

Get me, getting all regular with my blog posts! Well, as anyone who remembers me going on (and on) about my wedding a year ago will know, it was our first anniversary on the 17th April. I really can't believe how fast the year seemed to go! I've been meaning to add a few photos from our celebrations and the paper goodies (perfect for me) which were exchanged. Dave got a hand cut card and, yes, one of my treats was a rolled up newspaper to read on the beach!...

We went back to Langley Castle where we had our wedding reception for a lovely dinner and stay a week or so before our actual anniversary which was as amazing as ever. Then we went to Bamburgh Castle and beach on the actual day with a picnic (and wine in plastic cups, of course). We also thought it very necessary to go back to Holy Island where Mr Storeyshop popped the question back in 2009.

We discovered some old military bunkers on Holy Island where we started our new anniversary tradition of holding up fingers showing the number of years we've managed. We'll have to have some kids or find some random strangers to join in when we get past 10 years!

How brilliant are these rows of chairs outside the toilets on Holy Island?

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