Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happy Birthday Freya!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, Freya. She is 13 today! I can't believe it has been 13 years since I heard my Dad on the phone to my sister when she called with the news of Freya's arrival in to the world. I was sitting on my bed, with my friend Natalie, when I heard that I'd become an aunty for the first time!

There was me thinking I was all grown up at 17 and now Freya is a teenager. I just found this photo (think it was the end of the roll of film hence the funny orange effect) of me sitting in my bedroom a few months later with little Freya. Check out my lovely decor in the background! Old ticket to see 'Blind Date' live, back stage passes for Symposium's concert in Brighton (anyone remember them?), ticket for 'Indie Day', postcards of Brad Pitt. They were the days!

I hand cut a personalised birthday card for Freya on a really sunny day last week when the shadows and reflections were so clear that I had to get my camera out and take some snaps!

As I was looking for a silver or gold pen to write on front of the black envelope for the card, I noticed the little cut out bits from the orange card so decided to stick them on the front of the envelope instead. How have I not thought of this before? So, if you order a card where the letters are cut out (most of my cards have the negative space cut out instead) feel free to ask for the cut out'ty bits too. You could stick them to the present wrapping or have them like confetti inside the card...

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