Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Back Up North

My latest freelance stint in London went well. I got back home really late on friday and then Dave and I headed off to the Lake District early on saturday for a bank holiday camping trip. Neither of us had any mobile phone signal at all so trying to find our friends who had come up from Reading was all done with paper notes attached to cars. Much more fun! It's lucky Dave's Ibex 4x4 is very recognisable!

We had a great time. The weather was lovely and sunny just really windy! Our tent held up at night (some poor people's didn't!) but it was very noisy and we didn't get much sleep. I was grumbling about hating camping at one point in the night when the wind was literally lifting the edges of the groundsheet up, I was freezing cold and had to brave it outside to go to the toilet. In the morning though, with bacon cooking on the little camping stove, I loved camping again!

Right, I must go and finish off my card orders. I made 5 yesterday and I have 2 more to make today along with a monkey who needs packing up and sending to the U.S. Then it's more monkeys and bags to start making ready for We Make and the shop.

Ta ra

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