Saturday, 10 January 2009


It's always really nice to find out how people find out about Storeyshop and go on to order cards and buy monkeys. I don't ask people but a few buyers have mentioned blogs lately where they have seen Storeyshop. A great one is Rare Bird Finds. Have a look and you'll find lots of cool and different things to buy. Storeyshop personalised Valentines cards are featured. Woo hoo!

Storeyshop gets another mention on Acechick's blog which is another cute one to have a look at. Also, The Sweet Jelly Bean is fab.

I have had lots of Valentines orders and I am running out of red card now so I better plan a trip to the shopping centre. Oh what a shame, I'll have to go shopping! There's still time for lots more personalised cards for the big day of love so order away and tell your friends :)


SleightGirl said...

Wow! That's a great card! I can see why you're running out!


Thank you Sleightgirl!