Sunday, 11 January 2009

I Love Rose Water

Rose Water is my new best friend! I'm turning Storeyshop's blog into a beauty one just for a few minutes to recommend rose water to add into your skincare routine. Dave's mum bought me some for my birthday last year as she knows about my stupidly dry skin and it has worked wonders, especially now the weather has got so cold. I now use rose water on my face after washing it and before my moisturiser and my skin is much softer and happier. You can also mix it with glycerol to make a thicker solution to rub into dry skin all over. It's great for people like me with sensitive skin who are allergic to lots of skin care products.

The big ol' bottle of rose water is really cheap but not the most attractive! I have put some into a mini spray bottle which works a treat. You can also get fancier bottles like this Rosée Splendide by Annick Goutal which is really nice too.

Back to Storeyshop and I have lots of card orders coming in. I made lots yesterday and I may have to do some more today to get them in the post on Monday. Get me, working both days of the weekend! Well, might as well seeing as it's so cold outside. I have just been reading some very inspirational blogs too and it has made me excited about getting more Storeyshop products made, starting the website, rebranding and looking into getting some Storeyshop cards and other bits into local shops.

If you fancy, you can now 'follow' my blog (click over there on the right somewhere) and keep up to date with Storeyshop happenings. I am going to make my blog a bit more exciting in 2009 with shopping tips and also giveaways for Storeyshop goodies!

Happy Sunday ♥

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Mrs. Jelly Bean said...

I also love rose water! I currently use one by Thayer's. It has one with witch hazel, but it's never irritated my skin!