Thursday, 7 May 2009

Etsy Front Page!

Woo hoo! I made a new treasury a couple of days ago and have just found out it was featured on Etsy's front page! There weren't any of my own items in it but I always think it's a bit wrong to include your own. The items were all fab anyway and I hope the lovely makers have had sales from it. The treasury is about to expire but you can still find it here on Craft Cult, my new favourite website! (If anyone with an Etsy shop hasn't found this brilliant website yet, you should. You can see if you are featured in gift guides, have made it to Etsy's front page and find out which of your items have new hearts quickly and easily.)

Apologies for missing my weekly 'I Want Wednesday' spot yesterday. I am waiting to hear back from the shop I would like to feature. If I don't hear back today, I'll find another lovely shop/item to feature very soon.

Happy Thursday!

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Wish Dice said...

Wonderful colours