Sunday, 27 January 2008

I got a treasury!

Afternoon, It's another grey miserable day but I'm happy as I have just made a treasury on Etsy. Here are all the things I want to buy..

There are so many nice things on Etsy at the moment. I really don't have the money but I want it all. And the bad thing is, I can kind of convince myself that it would be a good way of promoting Storeyshop. I can buy loads of things and hope all those sellers look at the shop!

I got back up north late on friday after my week in London were I was working on the cardboard animation with Beca. The project is nearly finished so that was my last week. I'm missing the glue guns already! It's great being away from the internet for a few days too as, typically, we get lots of orders! I have got back to a stack of 11 card orders which is fab! I have made a few already and I have lots more to keep me busy this afternoon and next week.

Going to attempt to go for a walk or a bike ride at some point this afternoon too. I feel like I don't leave the house much these days. I can't wait for the weather to cheer up a bit and for the evenings to get lighter. I'll hopefully be able to get outdoors with the new camera too when there's some sunshine.

Here are the cards I made yesterday..

Happy sunday!
Ta ra

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