Sunday, 20 January 2008

Left On The Shelf

Another grey day. This is getting depressing! I'm still holding out for some sun later so I can go for a sunday walk. Ever since I've been been in the countryside with my new camera it's been 'orrible weather!

Oh well. Here are some monkeys!

These are my new ones I have made this week. The pink theme wasn't even planned for Valentines Day coming up but they do make the Etsy shop look very romantic!

And these are the new monkeys mingling with the old ones who have all literally been left on the shelf after Christmas sales. They do actually sit along one of the shelves of the bookcase in the office! They don't want to be seen as charity cases but they just want a little exposure :)

Well I have to get packed later for another week in London. I'm heading down early tomorrow morning for another week in Cardboard HQ for some more corrigated card crafting. I'm looking forward to seeing how the animations are coming along and, apparently, all the cardboard creations we have made so far are all set up in scenes ready for shooting so that will be fun to see!

Ta ra


malevolent-mimi said...

Oh my goodness, TOO FREAKIN CUTE ^_^

Save a monkey for me, id love to have one. *sigh* It really sucks being a fulltime poor student. Im job hunting right now though, so in time I will be able to splurge on etsy. I can't wait

Best of luck to you!


Blue & White Wear said...

I LOVE the monkeys! so so so cute!!!