Sunday, 13 January 2008

Getting all high tech

I'm back from my week working on the animation in London. I made lots of miniature things out of cardboard in a big studio in Stockwell. Very fun and I can't wait to see the finished animations taking shape!

Today I have been getting all high tech. I have managed to get all my songs off my old vintage iPod Mini that I have had for years and into iTunes to add to Dave's new fancy iPod he got for Christmas. Him with his swish new toy and me finally joining the digital revolution with my new camera, we're a bit behind but we're getting there! I have been loading CD after CD into the computer too to add lots more songs. It's taken all afternoon but we have broken the 1000 mark. The iPod takes 20,000 songs so a little bit of space left!

I've been designing cards while the songs have been uploading. I have 5 card orders to do today and tomorrow which is fab! I'm really enjoying making cards to fit around people's requests for names and imagery etc. I'll get the finished cards onto here very soon.

Oh yeah I remembered to bring my camera lead back home too so I can add some festive photos..

This is the spectactular display of Christmasness awaiting our arrival at Dublin Airport!

And this is our New Years Day swim in the sea!!

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