Monday, 28 January 2008

51 sales!

Good news.. I set a target for the end of January for Storeyshop to hit 50 sales and we've already done it! At the end of last year I thought 50 sales would be a bit optimistic but it seems not. Yay!

Good timing too as I have just been shopping. Hehe. I went into Newcastle today to go and see a man about some possible magazine freelance design up here which went really well (I hope) so then, seeing as I was near the shops and all....

Tomorrow is card-making central. I have so many to do, the orders are rolling in! I sold 2 monkeys today too which means out of our entire office full, they are now only 7 left. They all fit on one tidy shelf. I'll have to make more!

Well we made it out for a walk yesterday in the end. Here are some photos even though they're a bit rubbish. Check out the sheep running away from me!

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