Friday, 8 February 2008

Back In The City

I'm in London today. It's a gorgeous sunny day and I'm in the office working on the magazine. It's a quiet spell so I thought I'd update my blog. I came down Monday morning and finished off a sock monkey on the journey. I'm sure the train guard walked past an exra few times trying to work out what I was doing.

Here's a photo of him all finished sitting comfortably for the rest of the journey!

This week has been really busy but good fun and a nice change to working on my lonesome at home. It has been a bit of a break for my scalpel fingers but I have still been getting orders and making them after work and during lunch hours. I have just made a card for someone's aunt who is about to turn 100. How cool is that?!

More cards to make after work tonight and then I'm back on the train heading home. I'm glad. London was always a bit too hectic for me and, now that I'm used to the rural countryside, it's even more so. A couple more crammed tube and train journeys and then back to the fields.

Here are some photos of the Chinese New Year lights on Oxford Street..

Ta ra

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