Friday, 1 February 2008

Card Central

I can't believe it's friday already. This week has gone so fast. I have been scalpelling for England with the card orders! I have lost track of how many I have made and there's still plenty more to do, not that I'm complaining! My fingers are getting quite sore now though and I'm racking up the scalpel cuts. I think I'm going to have to start buying plasters en mass along with scalpel blades.

Here are some of the latest creations..

I have hopefully arranged some freelance design work on a magazine up north which is good news. I do like the a trip down to London to work for the odd week here and there but it will nice to come home in the evenings after work and it also means I can keep up with Storeyshop better.

I definitely need a break from card cutting so I'm quite looking forward to a week on the Mac next week freelancing down at Company magazine. I get to catch up with all the girls there too. I miss the daily catch ups and banter (and the cafe round the corner for mushrooms on toast!)

I really hope the weather improves for the weekend. It's been snowing, hailing, raining and generally grey for the last couple of days. Monday was lovely and sunny when I went over to Newcastle for my meeting and it made me want to go back and explore the town more. One day of my weekend will be DIY on the bathroom I think but the other day I'd like to go out somewhere. There's so many places up here that I haven't been yet!

Ta ra

Oh, and my target for sales by the end of January nearly made the 60 mark let alone 50! This 'setting targets' thing works :)


malevolent-mimi said...

oh that MAGGI ♥ NICK card is just so BLOGGING amazing, I think I wanna order something like that for Dustin and I


Thanks!! You can order cards from