Saturday, 23 February 2008

Living The Country Dream

I'm back to the Storeyshop making! I have finshed my latest stint on the magazine in Newcastle (it was so nice having a lie-in this morning!) and I have spent most of today making cards and taking better photos of my remaining sock monkeys still for sale.

I have just got a treasury on Etsy. Da daa!

One day one of them has to make the front page!

Going to call it a day soon and get dinner and relax. Maybe head down The Black Bull for a swift one. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so we can get out for a walk or a bike ride. Oh yeah, I took my camera the other day when Dave and I went for a walk around our new homeland. Here are a few (I got a bit snap happy!) of the photos..

Look how lovely it is. I have my days when I do wonder why I ever moved out to the countryside. When I am waiting for the 6.50am bus to start a job at 9am for example! Being able to walk into gorgeous scenery from your front door makes it all worthwhile. The thing I most hated about living in London was that you couldn't just walk to anywhere rural. It always had to be a big all day mission in the car or on the train.

Next time I'm waiting at a freezing cold bus stop in the dark I have to remember that!!

Ta ra

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