Thursday, 15 October 2009

Beautiful Wedding Accessories

I'm in wedding mode again. I'm getting excited now that we have a venue and a date. I was slightly worried I was doing things in the wrong order choosing my dress (and shoes!) first and that my outfit wouldn't suit the venue we (eventually) chose but I'm happy that it will now and really looking forward to trying my dress on again!

I have been looking at accessories on Etsy and there are some lovely bits. I even managed to get a treasury to put my finds in. Woo!

Have had one of those days today where I have done quite a lot (honest I have) but it doesn't feel like I have achieved very much. Oh well, two more custom card orders posted and another one half finished. New ideas for Valentine's Day cards too. I know Christmas comes first but I love the lovey dovey cards!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Congratulations on your engagement, love the etsy finds especially the flower ring!

Thanks for the follow!