Wednesday, 14 October 2009

'I Want' Wednesday...

...Again! Not quite sure how it got round to Wednesday again with no blog posts in between. Actually, I do. I had my day in London on Friday. I won't reveal too much until it comes out, but I did a photoshoot for a magazine (also, I want to see the finished feature before I tell everyone. Eeek I hope it's ok)! Well, the shoot was great but then I just about managed to get back up to Northumberland before being ill for the entire weekend. Yuk. Anyway, I am feeling loads better now so back to Storeyshop and blogging.

My 'I Want Wednesday' for today is inspired by the end of my mobile contract and the possibility of finally getting my hands on an iPhone! How nice are these these gorgeous phone and MP3 cases by On A Roll on Etsy? I love how tactile and handmade they are compared to the super high tech gadgets they are made for. They are all lovingly hand-knitted in the United States but the postage costs are very affordable worldwide. I think I'm going to go for the olive green one!

You can also find hand-knitted cup cosies (which double up as wrist warmers!) and cute little apple cosies so have a little look in On A Roll for yourself and for unique Christmas gifts. You can get gift vouchers too, so perfect if you can't decide which colour cosy to buy for that special someone.

Happy Wednesday!

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Patchouli Memories said...

Good luck for when the mag comes out! Hope its fab.
I love little home made cases and things like these, their much better than the mass produced ones that just aren't personal. I love the green one, its such a gorgeous green.