Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I Want Wednesday!

A recent Etsy discovery and my 'I Want' for this week are these gorgeous illustrations by Janice Jong at JaniceJ. London-based Janice is inspired by places she has been and books she has read among other things. I love the style of her illustrations and also the combination of black and white elements with bright colour. I have just realised I have picked a bit of a yellow theme with my favourites!

Love them and eyeing up the chair print especially. Christmas list maybe. I really want to get the house all sorted and decorated so I can get some great artwork on the walls very soon. Enjoy!


Alicia Istanbul said...

Those are great. I like the calendar you have on your side bar :)

AnastasiaC said...

yellow is such a happy colour...lovely finds!
i was planning a yellow blog post soon too!

Annabelle said...

Cool. She does such intricate work -- beautiful!

SassyBelle said...

Those are the first one!