Monday, 19 October 2009

Car Booty!

Half my weekend was very boring and involved my tax return and accounts sorting (eurgh) and half was brilliant and involved dinner at our favourite restaurant and an entire day off (yay)! Still haven't quite finished the boring Excel spreadsheets and tax form but have made a good start. Saturday night dinner was to celebrate mine and Dave's meeting (a very random, Sliding Doors-like, evening in Sussex 5 years ago) and took place in The Crown in Catton. The food was amazing as ever and we sat by a lovely open fire. Perfect.

On Sunday, we went to the 'Food and Craft Fair' at Wallington National Trust House and tasted (and bought) lots of nice locally-produced Northumberland food goodies. Always a nice change to wander round a craft fair as a buyer too, and not have to sit behind a stall getting cold and a numb bum! I then dragged my lovely fiance round a car boot sale. He hates them but we did find some fab vintage mugs.

Today has been a busy one with lots of card orders made and posted. I have also just listed this new card which I made on Friday...

Rememer, there's still lots of time to enter my new giveaway to win a card. See the post below and good luck. Thank you to all of you who have commented, followed and tweeted so far!


Alisa said...

Love your work!!!

AMIdesigns said...

Congrats on the anniversary

And doing the tax return!

Velo said...

congrats, gurl =D